Dec 5 2017 Dr Kiwi's Birthday Photo shoot teaserCategory: General     02:08PM   0

Dr Kiwi's Birthday Photo shoot

Oct 15 2017 Fun photoshoot in the Red Rocks...Category: General     05:02PM   0


Aug 22 2017 Grateful for my life and wonderful travel companions!Category: General     11:27AM   0

Just got back from an awesome trip to the South of France and the Greek Islands! Wow! Just feeling such gratitude! It also made me feel gratitude for myself and the service I offer to accompany sexy, successful, generous, adventurous men (and couples) who are at the prime of their life and have decided to make the most of it and enjoy the finer things and inviteĀ someone like me, to share their experiences with who is playful, easy-going, passionate, uninhibited and an experienced worl

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Apr 9 2017 Fun travel date for you!!!Category: General     04:06PM   0

I LOVE to travel so offer an incentive for those that want a sexy, fun, playful, uninhibited travel companion... So plan ahead and invite me (and 1 or 2 of my girlfriends) to join you!!!! Email me for details...


Mar 1 2017 I LOVE Vegas!!!!Category: General     04:41PM   0

I love all things Vegas has to offer... Skiing (YES!), motorbike riding, Red Rocks Hiking, an excuse to dress up in my sexy lingerei! Whatever your desires... it's right here! And I am more than happy to help you fulfill them!!!! Follow me on twitter for daily action pics... @VegasKiwi

Feb 13 2017 Great to be home!Category: General     05:03PM   0

Just got back from a phenomenal motorbike trip from Northern Thailand to the mountains of Laos and northern Vietnam. Amazing opportunity to visit these countries. Made me even more grateful for my life here in Vegas! Good to be home!

Overlooking the Mekong River in Laos, dreaming of my soft bed in Vegas!!!

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Nov 4 2016 LOVE my new photoshoot!Category: General     03:46PM   0

Check out the full selection on my gallery... Olga from always makes me feel sooooo sexy! Love how she captures my free, uninhibited, sexy spirit...

Oct 14 2016 Sex & Music!!!Category: General     02:12PM   0

Two of my passions in life! Sex and Music! And I feel so blessed to be living here in Las Vegas where there are plenty of both!!! So honored to see Bob Dylan last night! What an icon! And looking forward to the Rolling Stones next week... So if you are planning a trip to Vegas to see your favorite musician/band... invite me to join you!!!!

Sep 26 2016 Follow me on Twitter! @KiwigirlParties @VegasKiwiCategory: General     11:49PM   0

I update fun photos on a daily basis so keep current by following me on Twitter.

And I just began a new Twitter account for my KiwigirlParties. I LOVE having fun with my girlfriends so be our excuse to get together and put you in the middle!!!!! Some tasty meat in the middle of our hot buns!

Or perhaps you have always wanted MORE? To experience being in an orgy? With other girls AND guys???

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Sep 15 2016 Burning Man!Category: General     01:55PM   0

Had an amazing time at Burning Man this year... Great weather, awesome experience... And of course, the famous Orgy Dome! My home for a week! Fun-loving, adventurous, what's your fantasy??? Let me help you fulfill it... invite me to join you on  your next adventure!!!!

Aug 16 2016 I survived! And lived to tell the tale!Category: General     11:52AM   0

Yes!!! I did it! Rode my new bike up to Sturgis and back!!!! Yah!!!!

Jul 20 2016 I love being naked!!!Category: General     10:09AM   0

From the mountains to the sea, naked is me!

Had an awesome trip to the Swiss Alps and South of France, but it is great to be home again, naked in my pool!

For daily photos please follow me on Twitter @VegasKiwi


Jun 6 2016 Awesome time with my girlfriends!Category: General     09:35AM   0

Had such a fun time with two of my favorite girlfriends recently... did a photoshoot at a penthouse suite on top of Palms Place and got some awesome pics! Check out my photo album for more... and of course my Links page to see all my favorite playmates here in Vegas...

May 24 2016 Pool season is officially open! NakedPoolParty anyone????Category: General     09:55AM   0

Join me at my private pool and let's get naked and naughty!

I can also invite one, two or even three of my girlfriends to join in too!!!!

A private, naked and naughty pool party just for you!!!!


May 7 2016 Maid Service anyone? Or at least you could help service the maid??!!Category: General     10:12AM   0

Need Maid Service??? Or otherwise you could help service the maid!!

Available! or text: 7024269083

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